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Mozzarella cheese soufflé made with Toast bread

Ingredients Stale or leftover toast bread Mozzarella cheese Eggs Milk Butter (for the mold) Salt Preparation Butter a rectangular cake mold or a pyrex dish. Line it with the toast bread. Cut in slices the mozzarella and lay one layer above the bread. Lay another layer of toast bread. Beat 3 eggs (or more if you use a lot of  bread), add 300 ml of milk and the salt. Pour the beated eggs in .

Meatloaf stuffed with zucchini

Ingredients 200 g of ground meat (better if veal) or leftover mixed meat, cooked leftover sausage and/or salami 150 g of crumbs ofstale bread and crackers 2 eggs 100 g of grated cheese sparkling water 1 teaspoon of baking soda salt parsley 2 zucchini mozzarela or other melting cheese one glass of white wine Preparation Ground the meat and grate the Parmesan (or other hard cheese). Mix wi the eggs, bread crumbs and the .