Bread and candies Befana cake

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  • Stale bread (4 or 5 pieces)
    Leftover panettone or pandoro
    Mix of cookies of different flavors
    Mix of candies ( marzipan,chocolate, almond brittle, nougat,etc)
    2 eggs
    1 apple
    1 pear
    cocoa powder
    1 tea spoon of baking soda
    dry fruits (dates,figs,walnuts,hazelnuts,etc)
    raisin and pine nuts


Crumble the bread, the panettone or the pandoro and the leftover cookies in a big bowl. Pour in hot milk, in which you have melted the sugar. Let it soak for a couple of hours and then seep it with the vegetable mill until you get a soft and uniform but not too liquid dough.
Add the eggs and the baking soda, mixing with a wood spoon.
Crumble the dry and soft fruits and grate the hard ones; cut in slices the apple and the pear; crumble the candies; melt the chocolate candies. Mix all and finish adding cocoa, raisin and pine nuts.
Grease a baking pan with butter and flour, pour the dough until the top and bake at 180° celsius for 1 hour at least
Let it cool down and serve: the day after will be even better!

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