The double… and triple life of apples


Other Leftovers: From the scraps of paper and coatings apples

From residues of the industrial processing of apples are born the ‘Cartamela’ for tissues and kitchen rolls and ‘pellemela’ for footwear and upholstery of sofas. Those scraps That EP A few years ago they were disposed of or, more used to Food Biogas plants, what What happens still, today undergo a process that reuses them completely.

It all Started A few years ago, in 2009 in Bolzano dove Hannes Parth has founded the Frumat, UN Chemical Analysis Laboratory That Started perform tests to determine whether, From the waste of industrial processing of apples, Material FREE Maturity and this is easily storable, it was possible to extract the raw materials to be used for Achieving environmentally friendly products.

The results speak for themselves: in five years the amount of waste from the industrial processing of apples used for Achieving sustainable products and Past 0 to 30 Tons per month.

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