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Soup on the day after: boiled meat leftovers and whole rice

Ingredients Boiled leftovers of mixed meat (veal, beef, chicken…) Carrots Zucchini Pumkin Chard Onion Whole rice Preparation Fry  the onion with a little oil, add sliced carrots, pumkin and zucchini and the white part of the chard. Add the meat and cook for a few minutes. Cover with hot water, add salt and bring to a boil. Throw in the rice and let cook. Five minutes before finish cooking, add the green part of .

Meat balls of leftover trimmings of turkey or chicken raw meat

Ingredients Leftover trimmings of turkey or chicken raw meat 1 or 2 eggs 1 or 2 stale bread buns 4 spoons of grated cheese Salt and pepper Parsley Sparkling water For the sauce Onion Cellery Carrot Canned tomato Oil Fresh basil leaves Chop the meat in the mixer (if you have some leftover sausage you can use it). Grate bread and cheese. Mix meat, cheese, bread, parsley, eggs , salt and pepper using sparking .