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Yellow plums, melon and lime compote

Ingredients 700 g of yellow plums 300 g of melon 350 g of sugar ( also the sugarcane is good) 1 grated rind of lime 2 spoons of lime juice 1 apple Preparation Chop the plums removing the stones. Cut in small cubes the melon and the apple. Put in a high pot and add the sugar. Let cook for 20/30 minutes, mashing up and removing the foam with a stimme. Using a mixer, .

Foils  of bread with mynth and lemon

Ingredients  Leftover bread thinny sliced Eggs ( 1 egg is enough for 4-5 slices of bread) 200 g of milk Salt Pepper Rind of lemon Leaves of fresh mynth,  thinny cut Olive oil  Preparation In a bowl, beat the eggs with milk, salt, pepper, the rind of lemon and the leaves of mynth. Dip quickly the slices of bread in the liquid and fry them in abundant hot oil, until they are brown. You can .