Pasta omelette

2014-03-03 13.24.53


  • Leftover pasta (not seasoned)
  • A little of pesto
  • Leftover cheeses ( not string)
  • Eggs
  • A little  milk
  • Almonds or nuts
  • Parmesan (one teaspoon each person)
  • Grated bread ( one spoon each person, sautéed in a pan)


Beat the eggs with a fork, add the milk (2-3 spoons), the parmesan, the grated bread sautéed, the dried chopped nuts and finally the pasta, seasoned with a little pesto. Warm up the oil in a pan and pour the dough. Let well coagulate on one side, before flipping the omelette.

It is very good also the day after, for your lunch box!!!

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