Yellow plums, melon and lime compote

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  • 700 g of yellow plums
  • 300 g of melon
  • 350 g of sugar ( also the sugarcane is good)
  • 1 grated rind of lime
  • 2 spoons of lime juice
  • 1 apple


Chop the plums removing the stones. Cut in small cubes the melon and the apple. Put in a high pot and add the sugar. Let cook for 20/30 minutes, mashing up and removing the foam with a stimme.

Using a mixer, mash the compote (if you like you can leave some piece of fruit), add the grated rind of lime and the juice.

Cook again for about 10 m until the compote is creamy and dense.

Put the compote in small sterilized pots, close them tight and let cool until are vacuum.

It is a summer compote, great with vanilla ice cream!

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